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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

'A Promise' is a three minute killer

Day four (or five-depending on you who trust) of recording has come and gone.  Last night we did basic tracks for ‘A Promise.’

This led me to utter the title of this blogpost due to the sometime difficult nature of recording. 

Some songs go pretty easy and others take a bite out of your ponytail (or in this case, the entire band.) 

The good news to report is that after some early struggles we actually escaped the Hopeville Penora with a very nice sounding track and a nifty little video to boot. 

See, Mark brought the ‘good camera’ yesterday and it was so good that I was a little afraid to touch it for fear I might end up breaking something.  He and Jake shot some footage that Mark assembled into the short clip. 

This puts the basic tracking up to five now to go with our earlier work on ‘What If’ ‘March Forth’ ‘Indications’ and ‘Undiscovered Light’

The record is shaping up very well thus far and here’s hoping that bragging about it doesn’t jinx anything.

I’ll keep you posted since the other two have trouble with complete sentences.

All the best


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