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This is a blog created/kept unkempt by the band A Relative Term to express the process of recording their next full length album. They will poke each other in the eyes, whack each other's noses, butt heads repeatedly, and run in circles on the floor for your enjoyment.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's Official....mostly

There was a show played this past Wednesday, in Rochester, at The Bug Jar which some might call... well, monumental. It rewarded us with a large sum of money and landed us a sweet contract with a (semi) local brewer you may have heard of once or twice before.  You can read about it in this past Friday's newspaper above. That's right ladies and gents, A Relative Term now rocks for Canada! (not to be confused with Canadian) And by Canada, I of course mean Canada's beer and by beer, I mean slightly flavored, slightly foamy water.

...and by all of this I mean, the Term boys had a great time playing the Bug Jar. Jake and I drank non Canadian beer, scaled the Bug Jar and took pictures in front of the billboard on the roof for as long as we could before someone saw us and turned the lights off. Ta-da, only slightly less glorious really.

Now we tip our seats back, put our hands behind our heads and await Molson's counter-offer.


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