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This is a blog created/kept unkempt by the band A Relative Term to express the process of recording their next full length album. They will poke each other in the eyes, whack each other's noses, butt heads repeatedly, and run in circles on the floor for your enjoyment.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Mostly Dead

But not all dead. And by that I mean mostly done, but not all done. It's getting there.

In the meantime we're keeping ourselves busy with a couple of shows- one which was this past Thursday with Vox Humana and Applennium. I took some video of these guys under a haze of low light and Genesee mind control so it may not be my best work- but at least you get to see the bands in action. This is Vox Humana:

I haven't edited the Applennium footage yet but I'll post it by the end of the week for sure. Back to the headphones for me...

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