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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Meet Jake Bernhardt

That's right.

I've been watching the Baltimore Ravens the past three or four weeks and, in not all that much time, I began to notice something. Ray Lewis gets more face time on tv than pretty much any player/coach/ref/ball-boy I've seen. It's kind of amazing. This past weekend, in a game against the Bengals, there was a camera on Ray Lewis' face 6 times in the last two minutes of the game alone (seven if you want to count the slow motion instant replay of RL's reaction to a play on the field). And he was injured. Not even in the GAME!
Like I said, kind of amazing. He'll get more face time during one game than some players will get in their entire career.

Which brings me to Jake- the face time man of A Relative Term. As it happens Jake typically gets a lot of play in these videos, and this next one is no exception.

"A Blazing Fire" was our last song to record all the basic tracks- it's official, there are 15 songs that are moving on to the next stage of adding drums/flutes/record-scratches/flugelhorn section(s).

Rock and roll


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