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This is a blog created/kept unkempt by the band A Relative Term to express the process of recording their next full length album. They will poke each other in the eyes, whack each other's noses, butt heads repeatedly, and run in circles on the floor for your enjoyment.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

we also got donkey shows, Mötley Crüe, and cake

As we've been moving along, recording the basic tracks of each song and moving to the next, the weight of work that still needs to be done seems to be piling up in an almost snowball-esq fashion. One of our main obstacles, which we've known about for some time, is to figure out how to get drums on some of these songs. My recording gear allows only 2 inputs and Peter's rig is tied to his apartment, which is connected to his many neighbors who I'm sure already hate us for layering droning bass and guitar all over their Sunday afternoons/evenings. Then there's that other tiny obstacle of actually finding a talented drummer.

Enter Brandon Delmont, drummer of Sun Of The Sun and all around stellar dude.

The rest is history/present/workinprogress


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